6 Best Beach Destinations in India


Most of the people love to spend time in the beach. Some people want to spend their holidays in beach related destinations. What is better than spending the holiday on a beach where the cool air of the sea hit your face! Beach is the place where a person can enjoy and relax his or herself under the sun and cool air without feeling disturbed. This is because the friendly waves of the sea take care of the soul to its core.

Visiting beach in the local area is not sufficient. Some people want to spend some time in excellent beach destinations. They are searching for the best beach destinations in India. Here we provide you the 6 best beach destinations in India other than the mainstream locations like Mumbai or Goa.

1.       Pondicherry – Tamilnadu

It is situated nearer to the southern tip of India. It is well-known for its nightlife and beaches. Pondicherry has excellent beach destinations which are a great background for your leisure time. The trendy beaches of Pondicherry are definitely a great destination for spending time, particularly for the honeymoon.

This city has a pleasant weather throughout the year and this is perfect for tourists from other places. The Paradise Beach in this city is a well-known tourist spot.

2. Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala

This is a classic destination to visit. This place is suitable for persons those who want to visit a place with dual experience of beach and religious place. This city is well-known for its religious places and beach destinations. This city is good to visit for all around the year. This is because this city has a moderate weather and perfect for visiting anytime.

3. Vishakhapatnam Andhra Pradesh

This is one of the famous and largest cities of Southern India which is well-known for its several beach destinations. You can enjoy a number of beach destinations in this city. This city can be visited all around the year. But, avoid visiting this city during monsoon season. At that time, it has heavy rains.

4. Alappuzha Kerala

The Alappuzha town in Kerala is one of the best beach destinations to visit. Mostly, people don’t know about this place very much but this city has some of the finest beaches in India. The best time to visit this city is except the monsoon period. You can enjoy your best time in this place.  The Alappuzha beach is one of the best beach destinations in India.

5. Havelock Island – Andaman Nicobar Island

This is another wonderful beach destination to visit in India. The sparkling white sand beach, lively coral reefs and calmness air and turquoise waters of this Island gives an international tour feel to you. You can also go for scuba diving, trekking, elephant ride in this Island. The Radhanagar and Elephant beaches are best to visit.

6. Mahabalipuram Tamilnadu

Last but not least the Mahabalipuram of Chennai. This is also a well-known beach destination in India. This place is perfect for vacations and perfect for enjoying holidays. You can also enjoy swimming and diving activities during warm days in this place


All these beach destinations are the perfect traveling spot for travelling enthusiasts. These places can help you relax, and explore new cultures, which is surely going to be an enjoyable experience.

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