Best Places To See In London In 5 Days

*1. London Big Ben

London Big Ben built in 1858, and this place is said to be one of the iconic places where clock tower of Palace of Westminster was accurately established. If you are in the London for the first time and you are looking for to take a quick tour in just five days, then we recommend the first place to visit is in London Big Ben. The bell is called a big Ben after sir Benjamin hall who is the chief Commissioner of the works who established and made it possible. During the world war and German wars and many of the war related years of the world into this object's this place is one of the historical sites which explore a different kind of experience, and you will get to know more about the history.

*2. Houses Of Parliament

Houses of Parliament is also called a political heart of the city. This palace was originally established thousands of years ago, but unfortunately, it was destroyed due to fire in 1834. It consists of 1100 rooms and 11 Courtyard which was built long back ago in the year 1840. All the elected members and Parliament members are used to putting a Round table conference to surpass and speak about the political fluctuations. This place is said to be one of the historical places, and it now becomes a part of UNESCO World Heritage site since 1987. If you are looking for a historical monument or historic place and you want to explore something new, then this would be one of the best options you do and must visit this place a one time if you are in London.

*3. Westminster Bridge

Westminster Bridge Arc over the river Thames next to the house of parliament. One of the most important counting and it has now become London Eye. This Bridge was designed long back ago by the Swiss architect Charles, and it was built during the years of 1739 and 1750. This style of architect and the way of construction have made this Bridge so strong that it could take a capacity more than once and this is one of the biggest and oldest bridges ever constructed before in the history of London. London Marathon used to finish here in the ears of the race where in the river this Bridge was under pictures of famous London landmarks where you will get to see one of the oldest ministers, Queens, and Kings.

*4. Nr. 10 Downing Street

This street is said to be one of the official home and office of British Prime Minister. The 6088 was also called as sir George Downing which was built by his name within this was one of the prominent figures of the English Civil War. The building contains a state dining room and a cabinet room where government ministers used to meet to formulate the policies. The street was closed down for the security reasons during 1989 but we can have a quick glance, and you can understand the quality and the ancient style. The famous black door can only be open from the inside where it is one of the prestigious residences of the chancellor of the Finance Minister

*5. Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace was built during the year of 17, not 5, and it was taken and extended into a palace by George for between 1824 and 1831. Currently, this palace is one of the residences of the queen, and it has become the official London residence of Great Britain Monarch since 1837.  It occupies 775 rooms and has a staff of around 300 people, and it is one of the most Royal flags which is flying that means it is a queen and she is at home.

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